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Do you feel the pull to make a change in your life, or to recharge yourself, or to deepening your meditations or expand your understanding of life itself, then have a look at our retreats we have on offer. You can either choose to make an individual retreat or a group retreat. 

Mujer tranquila


Individual retreats are giving you all the space for your self to explore or to experience what you want to experience in a free format way. Although it is individual you are welcome to join our daily morning mediation session, if you wish to do so. We can also offer a listening ear or giving you our perspective on topics if you desire so. Our desire is to support you.


Group retreats have a theme and are made in a more structured way to create your experience together with others. Sharing with others can be very enriching in a multiple way. During the days of the retreat a beautiful energy is building up. How wonderful to be with like minded people, who are understanding your thoughts and feelings.  Although group retreats are more structured still there is enough free time for yourself. Discover the schedules below!

Clase de yoga para adultos mayores


Do you already have a group and need a place to hold your retreat? You are welcome to organise your own retreat in Retreat Village Benessere.


No upcoming events at the moment
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