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Our dream and desire to create a place and a life which supports the rise of consciousness have shaped itself in the form of a special place in South Sardinia. We have acquired recently a former hotel uniquely located in nature, away from busy daily life, to create a new way of living, for ourself and for those who are inspired and ready to join us. We aim for a life in peace, love and happiness. based on a deeper understanding of life. and ourself.  

Our new place Retreat village Benessere

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We are are group of people from different paths of life, who had a kind of awakening inside ourselves: the externalized way of living in which we try to fullfill our needs through others, though things and through doing is finally a dead end street. We discovered the way to go inside ourselves to connect with an other part which feels very good, peaceful and loving. Gradually these good feelings have softened and changed our personality and deepened our understanding of life itself.



This is a vibrational universe in which we are shown and experiencing constantly a reflection of that what we have vibrationally emanated through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Through raising the vibration which we emanate, our experience of life will be more pleasant and beautiful. The key to raise our vibration is to be aware or our thoughts, feelings and actions to release the imprints of our lower vibrational experiences from the past and to allow that other more intelligent part of us to guide us. Once we are able to allow this higher part of us to shine through our life will be magical and easy flowing.


An environment in which you feel safe to be who you are, to express what you feel. To be refreshed, to be empowered and to be able to let go of the past, to finally move towards a more peaceful loving joyful way of living your life.

That's why we offer retreats on an individual basis or in groups.

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